Monday, July 12, 2010

Topsail Island | Plymouth, MI family Photographers

I fell in love with Topsail Island, North Carolina! It was so beautiful! We were lucky to spend 2 days there and we totally wished we could have stayed longer, but when you wait last minute to book a place on 4th of July weekend you forfeit staying there.

I ordered some super cute dresses (I got to pick out the fabric) for Bree's 1 year photo shoot I was planning. When we decided to go south I asked if she could rush them to me so that I would have them for a possible beach photo! I got the dresses a few days before we left and I LOVED them!

So the 1st day we go there I brought the dresses "just in case" we had time. We spent all day at the beach with no naps...then we ate dinner at a restaurant that took WAY too long (2 hours with 2 small kids!) I then was going to give up and not get the photos- 2 sleep deprived exhausted kids and 1 hubby who had just lost his glasses in the ocean!

Well, I decided to do it...there was a chance we wouldn't be back and even if they all turned out bad at least I wouldn't regret not attempting! Well of course looking back there are poses I wish I did and I wish I got more, but when all is said and done I really only needed a few cute ones and I definitely got that!

You know if you ever want to take me on vacation with you just let me know :P I LOVE beach photos!

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