Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bring on the Flies | Plymouth, MI Family Photographer

My little Audrey....

I love how my daughter marches to her own drum...throwing away the girlie girl mold and busting out in her own style! Forget dolls, dress up and tea Audrey is out for insects, animals and things that make you go...eww!

On our way to North Carolina we stopped at this little spot between Ohio and West Virginia on the Ohio River. We stepped out and saw...MAYFLIES everywhere! I almost went back in the car, but Auds just went right into the swarm of things... Chasing them and catching them. I am sure if these were butterflies the photos would be impressive, but you know what? The fact that these were mayflies makes me laugh and proud that this girl is not squeamish. This almost topped her carrying her Rolly Polly pet over to our friend's house last week...your read that right...

Bring on the Bugs!

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