Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunflowers | Plymouth, MI | Child & Children Photographer

Sometimes being a photographer is a good thing for my family...I mean seriously if I wasn't a photographer there is no way I would have taken my kids out at 8 at night to a sunflower patch. They would be in their beds sleeping and missing out on some fun!



...I did!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ann Arbor, MIchigan Baby and Child Photographer | The Petting Farm

My sister-in-law and I took the kids to the petting farm the other day. The weather was PERFECT! I decided to take my camera along to capture some fun moments that I usually just get with my camera phone. I was nervous...I never have taken my camera out with both girls solo...I mean out out where I left my camera bag in the car. I just decided I really want petting farm photos and I am going to just have to do it! I guess people don't understand why I don't bring it everywhere, so let me camera weighs almost 2 pounds and my lens weighs about 1 pound and then if I bring a 2nd len (which I always do) that is another pound to carry. I always joke that it's my 3rd baby - I just have to change batteries and feed it memory cards ;) Not only is it heavy- it's big and with my two crazy kids someone is getting bumped with the lens at least once. I also have to worry about where it is at all times and with a 1 year old and 3 year old I have other matters on my mind! Also- it was mid day. The dreaded shooting in FULL sun...not a time photographers choose to shoot. You know what though- I really got experience in full sun and I had fun doing it. I really enjoy capturing the "craziness" of life and I love these vivid colors and sharpness. So my lesson learned this day was that I am going to test myself more often and push myself, because when I do I get results like these:

children portraits and baby in Ann Arbor, MI

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ann Arbor, Michigan Baby & Family Photographer | The Adorable {B} Family

A sneak peak at The {B} family and beautiful baby girl A! I met Tony years ago as he is my good friend Laura's oldest brother (she has 4 brothers!) Then I met Danielle at Laura'a baby's baptism. We connected on Facebook (gotta love Facebook) as she has a little girl about my youngest daughter's age who is also extremely beautiful! She asked to do her daughter's "just a little past 1 year photos" and I was thrilled! Her daughter is beautiful, her husband is good looking and she is gorgeous! A beautiful family! This job would be EASY!

We were threatened by a monsoon storm earlier in the day and it almost made us reschedule our shoot! You have to love Michigan weather right?!

I headed out their direction to what I thought was Brighton, but could have been Howell and we did her family session in record time...even with PROPS! We had to work fast with a getting-the-sleepy-glaze-in-her-eyes-baby and the setting sun.

Enjoy the sneak peak!

family portrait session of family and baby in Ann ARbor, MI

Monday, August 16, 2010

Newborn Photographer - Plymouth, Michigan | Welcome to the World Baby {H}

I was so lucky to photograph a friend of mine's newborn girl! We have been talking about doing a newborn session I think since she saw my 1st newborn session ;) I will say that it was hard to concentrate on the baby when her older sister is one of the cutest toddlers I have ever met, but I stayed focused and made sure the newborn was the star of her first session :)

I think every session I leave I feel awesome! I love being with new parents after a having a new baby. there is a certain joy that radiates in the home that cannot be described in words. I come home and I am just happy...

newborn portrait session of adorable newborn in Plymouth, MI

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family and child photographer Dearborn & Plymouth, Michigan | The {G} Family |

So, I have never done a session with 4 kiddos before this session. Jennifer e-mailed me with her ages of her kids...5 (okay 5 years olds rock), 3 (okay I have a 3 year year old..) and 15 month old (I have a 15 month old- easy!) twins (wow...)

I have only one 15 month old and one 3 year old I have great respect and admiration for this mom and dad!

We met at Henry Ford Estate and apparently the place is closed on Mondays and they close the gates at 6pm...and they are VERY strict about this. We decided to go for another park as we were kicked out of the original plan...ugggg. well we found another close location and took it from there! Mosquitoes were EVERYWHERE! It was crazy and it was HOT and HUMID! I was leaving this session thinking that they will never want to do this again!It just seemed one thing after another kept going wrong! Thankfully they were super laid back and the kids totally felt that vibe and just went along for the ride.

Here are some pics from a fun, crazy session with a remarkably fun and beautiful family! I hope you guys had fun ;)

family portrait session of adorable large family in Dearborn, MI

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Local Family and Baby Photographer Plymouth, MI | The {J} Family

Three kids under 4 you never know what you will get! I was a little nervous as I couldn't find an assistant and with kiddos that young sometimes I need help wrangling them up. I was so impressed by how well behaved these kids were! We though the baby was going to be a mess this late and yet she was the starlet of the evening- saving all her smiles for the camera! The actually made me think I want another one...just not yet :)

newborn portrait session of adorable newborn in Plymouth, MI

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Newborn & Baby Photographer Birmingham, MI | Baby {B} is 11 months!

I think that Michigan has two weather and cold. Seriously, in the dead of winter all I crave is a hot day, but in the summer it is so humid that all I crave is some snow!

We battled the heat for Baby B's 11 month portraits. Mom wanted to get some outdoor photos before he started walking away...unfortunately this didn't mean he wouldn't crawl away! This little guys is ready to go! It won't be long until he is running!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Photographer Plymouth, MI | Products

I offer a variety of amazing luxurious products to display your photographs.

The 8x8 Session Album - This is a leather or fabric album that holds 20 images from your session. The photos are mounted directly onto the thick wall pages. It is my favorite album and there are many colors and fabrics to choose from. The one shown is a black leather cover. Leather is an additional cost. Comes in many sizes from 5x5 up to 12x12 (including standard sizes such as 4x6 and 5x7)

Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI

The 5x7 Session Album - Black leather album. 20 images all 5x7 that slip in and out of the pages (not mounted to pages)
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI

5x5 Proofbook
- Printed and spiral bound 5x5 book. Printed on front and back of linen paper. Cover is a thicker cardstock with photograph printed
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI

3x3 Accordion Albums - One of the most popular "gift" purchase. Comes in a set of 3 (one for each grandparent and 1 to keep!) These accordion albums have two options- a cloth canvas cover or a printed cover. The books are magnetic so that they stay closed! Choose up to 7 images to display! These are custom designed and will have the colors and words of your choice!
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI

Canvases- The most amazing way to display your photographs. Photos of your family are displayed as a work of art. Discount given on purchase of 3 or more to create your own display wall!
2-16x24 canvases and 1- 20x24 canvas
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI

Shown below: 2-11x14 canvases and 1- 16x24 canvas
Noel Kelley Photography Plymouth, Ann Arbor, MI

Saturday, August 07, 2010

NILMDTS - Newborn photographer, Plymouth, MI

I have been wanting to write about a great organization that I was accepted into NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep) This organization is a group of volunteer photograohers and graphic artists who dedicate their time and talent to photograph "remembrance photographs for parents suffering a loss of a baby." I signed up over a year ago and I got denied saying that I need more experience. I was really down on myself after that,but when I read that I could reapply in a year I was determined to get my newborn photos perfected and increase my experience with low light non flash situations.

Fast forward to 1 ear later- I reapplied - I was accepetd - I was terrified. I adnt really THOUGHT about what I was going to have to do, experience and photograph. I dragged my feet with the paper work and finally two months ago everything was in order and I was on the "call" list.

Well, last Sunday I had a newborn session in the morning. It was beautiful. Just a normal session for a friend's newborn. I was loving it, loving the love, loving the feeling and joy that surrounded this most happy time in this family's lives.

4 hours later I was called for a NILMDTS baby. The baby was to be taken off of life support that night. I was able to go and train with another photographer. I as scared, I cried on the phone and cried on the way to the hospital. How was I suppose to photograph this moment? How was I suppose to keep composed? I got there, got into the room and felt the sadness. The room felt thick with sadness. I was able to take a few photos and thankfully I was shadowing and didn't have to talk for I had no words.

Anyways I wanted to take a moment to make people aware of this organization. If you know someone that is suffering this loss or may suffer this loss please let them know about it. Memories, a photograph, a gift that reminds them that this child was here is priceless.

No photos. Good bye baby {E} may you be carried by angels <3

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Awesome Newborn Photographer Plymouth, Canton, MI | Newwborn Session Baby {N} |

Baby N finally arrived! Oh boy is he a cutie! Our first date was rescheduled and then the day earlier I was able to spend it with Megan and N. He slept the entire day so I was SURE he would be easy to get to sleep. Well the next day he was all eyes and alert :) He wanted to know what was going on! Finally we were able to get him to sleep and he slept and he slept :) He slept thru his uncle visiting, their dog barking, is 2 year old sister running in and out and me moving him around! He was perfect and I busted out a new hat that I bought just for this shoot! He totally rocked the hat! Here are a few of my absolute FAVS: