Friday, January 22, 2010

I heart faces: fix-it friday

I LOVE a challenge! I heart faces has "Fix-it-Fridays" where they give you an image and you play with it and give it your style! Ooooo- fun!

This week’s photo comes from a very special family. Angie posted about them today:

“The dad in this family has been struggling with cancer for years and they found out the devastating news in December that his cancer is now terminal. They are now doing everything they can to enjoy the rest of the time they have together on this earth.”

Wow- I cannot imagine what that family with 3 small children are doing to handle this news. Not sure how anyone can handle news of that caliber. Sometimes there just are no words anyone can even say...

And here is my color take- I just popped the color with saturation and contrast. I then removed the truck in the right corner and the swing on the left.

And here is my black and white vintage version. I LOVE black and whites...have I mentioned that?!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boyne Michigan - Plymouth Michigan Child Photographer

We go to Boyne several times a year. It is truly a wonderful place. I enjoy the town, the lake and the mountain. Due to an accident I had a few weeks ago we could not go snowboarding and I miss it!

Ryan took A down Avalanche mountain and that was worth the entire drive! Seeing her laugh and smile as her big cousin J rode the sled with her was the highlight of my 2010!

I LOVE Boyne!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Face Photo

I Heart Faces is having a new challenge and it's called your best face. I was so unbelievably TORN between three photos! All were black and whites, but two were of my girls and one was of my nephew! So, after hours and hours of debating (not quite "hours")I decided that I will honor my nephew and not have to choose between my two girls :)

I choose this photo, because it pretty much is a photo that shows where I am as a photographer. I LOVE black and white photography and I am trying my best really get my black and whites to be great.

The deciding factor was this was his mom's favorite image :) That was enough for me!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Baby J! - Plymouth, Michigan Urban Children's Photographer

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I think my favorite portraits are newborns! I ABSOLUTELY love the 3 hours I spend working with a mom and her newborn. That time is so precious and I really do enjoy every minute! I allow 3 hours so no one feels rushed. If it takes longer it takes longer, but usually within 3 hours we get enough photos to fill a book, a wall or you entire house! During these shoots I know that I am not the boss, the newborn is and we go about working with that in mind! If you know someone expecting, a newborn portrait makes a wonderful gift for a new mom or even a mom of 3! Here is the last newborn session I did of 2009! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Baby J | Newborn Sesson | Plymouth, MI Newborn & Infant Photographer

I LOVE newborn sessions! I love newborn photography! Even though I live in Plymouth, MI I traveled out to Trenton for a referral for this newborn session! He was definitely worth the drive :) He pretty much stayed asleep the entire time, but showed he beautiful eyes for a few towards the end!

Family Session West Bloomfield Family Photography

Last weekend I had the pleasure to go out to West Bloomfield for a fun family session! Not only was it a family session, it was a family session with a baby! You know how I love those babies! Anyways here you go Becky a sneak peak of Saturday! I will send you the link to your proofs soon! Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Albums - Plymouth, Michigan Newborn Photographer

Well, I completed my first baby album and I do have to say that it did turn out amazingly beautiful! If you are a client who would like to turn your photos into a display or you want photos like this of your little one be sure to contact me to schedule a session!