Monday, April 26, 2010

Family Session Sneak Peak - Plymouth, MI Family Photographer

So sometimes I am hopeful my clients don't think I am crazy. My last family session I had the dad help me carry my new chair into the field just so that we could get the look I was trying to achieve.

We were just around sunset and even though it was almost a heatwave for us Michigan folks this family is use to the Arizona weather so we couldn't stay out too late! Poor baby was freezing!

Thank you guys for being such a good sport and letting us trample into the fields, diaper bag, baby carrier, huge chair and all!

I hope you think it was worth it! :) It was great meeting you and Baby A!

Have I mentioned I love hats on newborns?!
Plymouth Family Photographer
Plymouth Family Photographer
Plymouth Family Photographer
Plymouth Family Photographer
Plymouth Family Photographer

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby C | Whitmoore Lake, Plymouth, MI | Newborn & Infant Photographer

Another amazing newborn session! I drove out to Whitmoore Lake today and was able to to spend the morning with the sweetest little newborn girl! She was so sweet and so many smiles for being less than 14 days old! I heard this song today and it was such a perfect song for a new mom "The tiniest birds sing the prettiest songs"

I did just take this photos today, but I seriously COULD NOT wait to see them and I am sure her mom is pretty anxious as well!

Here is a sneak peek of Baby C - just a few, I have many more that I actually have to edit!

Have I mentioned I love hats on newborns?!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby I | Plymouth, MI | Newborn & Infant Photography

Another newborn session. This session was actually in March, but I forgot to blog about it as I was able to get their gallery up faster than usual :P

Remember this adorable family?

Well, that little belly had a little baby bump and that turned into little Baby I! She was such a doll and so fun to photograph!

Here is a sneak peek of Baby I!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby C | Plymouth, MI | Newborn & Infant Photography

Wow- my last newborn session was awesome! He was such a little snuggle bug and made me fall in LOVE with being a newborn photographer all over again! I happen to fall in love almost once a week now :) I drove out to Westland this Saturday and was able to capture some awesome newborn photography!

Here is a sneak peek of Baby C!

I have been trying really hard to nail down this pose- and I got it :)

Have I mentioned I love hats on newborns?!

Toes to the nose!

Baby in a metal dish- gotta love it :P

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Baby J | Plymouth, MI | Newborn & Infant Photography

I am pretty sure everyone know how much I love newborn sessions. I LOVE being a newborn photographer and I love being able to photograph little souls that have just started their journey. It's amazing, 10 days ago this little guys wasn't here...and now he is!

Here is a sneak peek of Baby J!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Baby! | Plymouth, MI Chldren's Photographer

My baby turned three on Friday. I cannot believe that three years have gone by and how fast those years seem to have gone! You are now not only a wonderful, amazing daughter you are also now a big sister. I love it when you say "It's okay mama" or grab a washcloth to wipe up a spot on the floor. I love that you love mischief, but don't love that you don't realize you can get hurt! You are so smart and everyday you learn something new- and I wonder "Where did she learn that from?!" You are so sweet and you are such a good big sister- always helping and telling B that "It's okay, I'm here." You call her your baby and have radar ears for her small noises when she wakes from a nap. I LOVE how light catches in your eyes and how you make your eyes get so big when you are being silly. Even though I get frustrated when I try to take your picture, I love that you keep me on my toes so that when I have other toddlers I know how to deal :) You make me so unbelievably happy. I am so blessed that you are in my life. I love you my sweet baby!