About Me

I'm Noel Kelley. I live right here in Plymouth, Michigan and I love it here! I try as hard as I can to have most of my outdoor sessions taken in or around the Plymouth area. I am a mom to two small girls Audrey () and Bree (1). They are not only my inspiration but my motivation (I mean when I have a free hour- you wouldn't believe the amount of work I can complete!)

I have an amazing and supportive husband who is also my best friend. My husband is like many other husbands and is an engineer. This may surprise you, but I too actually have an electrical engineer degree. It's funny how things turn out- when I was in high school I LOVED photography and graphic design and wanted to go to school for graphic design. Engineering was my chosen path. I always dabbled in photography and my heart still was with graphic arts. When we choose our wedding photographer I though "man, I wish I would have been a photographer." When our first baby was born I took a leap of faith and a opportunity to work with an amazing photographer in Franklin, Michigan. I then started second shooting with him for a year before I was asked to take family portraits. Since I had photography experience with weddings and I love working with children and babies, portraits just seemed to come naturally to me.

I love what I do and I love making family portraits works of art for your walls. Nothing makes me more ecstatic than seeing wall displays of your family or child. My personal objective is that each session is better than my last and each album has a photo that I would proudly display yin my own home. I capture you and your family as naturally as possible and because of that my session take place on location.

I look forward o meeting you! Questions? Just send me an e-mail (with 2 kids it's easier for me to e-mail you back instead of risking one of the kids having a meltdown while I am on the phone!)

<3 noel
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