Tuesday, July 06, 2010

North Carolina | Cousins

We made it back! I seriously have no idea how some moms keep up with their blogs, facebook, house work, kids, friends, family and groceries! I feel like I haven't had a moment of peace and I have so many sessions to finish up (which I haven't blogged about yet!) and a few new ones coming up this week!

Anyways my family just came back from an week long vacation in North Carolina! It was alot of fun! We all were together- Ryan's brother live doesn't there and we decided to visit them with Ryan's other brother, his wife and their baby :) It was really fun to all be together, let the cousins play, swim, play and just hang out. It was a serious adventure and I don't think I can put it all in one blog post!

I am seriously so lucky to have married into such a great family. I love my sister-in-laws and I couldn't have pick out any better ones! I also LOVE my nieces and nephews! I just wish I had more time (don't we all) to spend with them individually before they all grow up!

I love being around Madi. She was the little lady who made me fall in love with photography. I think I took a ZILLION photos of her when she was little. She was the cutest baby and the cutest toddler and now the cutest 8 year old I know! We got to see her in her play this week and she did so well reciting all of her lines perfectly :P She is also the perfect big cousin for all the little ones to admire!

Alex is such a sweetheart! He is the perfect little gentlemen and is probably the most well behaved 6 year old I have ever met. When we went to the show without Audrey he saved half of his candy for her. Not sure how many 6 year olds are that considerate of others!

Ella. Sweet little Ella. For some reason she called me "Nanny" the entire week, but for the sweetest laughs and giggles this girl gives she could have called me anything! Such a lover and a cuddly girl! She was happy just floating around in the pool with her water wings all day. She is also such a diva who digs accessorizing! These sunglasses where all the rage this week at the house!

Last but not least is Aidan! This little guy can always make you laugh! With his new words and his manly strut he is so fun just to watch :) He is going to be a tough guy having to put up being Audrey's favorite baby. We are so bless to have him live so close to us now and watch him and the girls grow up together.

We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives and our kids are lucky to have such amazing aunts, uncles and cousins.

I am just a little bummed I didn't get a beach photo of all the kids....I guess a reason to go back next year, right?!

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