Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby C turns1! | Children & Family Photographer | Plymouth, MI's so fun watching my newborns grow! Baby C was one of my first newborns and she has been a fighter! Her life story and beginnings started out so crazy and hard for both her and her parents. Born at 29 weeks and her first 82 days of life were in the NICU Miss C beat all the odds and has become just this adorable little girl who is filled with so much life and brings joy to literally EVERYONE who even knows her! You can read her story here.

I met her, her mommy and daddy at Greenfield Village for their session. It was mom and dad's anniversary so I was able to get a few of those two love bugs as well :P

Here are just a few of my many many photos that I took...I may have taken a tad too many...

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby V turns 5 months! | Baby & Family Photographer | Plymouth, MI

I usually ask my clients to skip 3 months and wait just a tad longer so we can get some smiles. Baby V just turned 5 months and he is the perfect stage to photograph next. Although he was not sitting on his own we were able to capture how he get around...with mom and dad carrying him everywhere. Unfortunately for me (an mom and dad) he was not super happy. He was actually really sleepy! We tried everything to wake him up and make him happy, but he was done after 30 minutes even though we continued! Good thing I got a few great shots before the sleepiness hit! I can't wait to see him when he is sitting on his own!

Here are a few of my favorites:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Topsail Island | Plymouth, MI family Photographers

I fell in love with Topsail Island, North Carolina! It was so beautiful! We were lucky to spend 2 days there and we totally wished we could have stayed longer, but when you wait last minute to book a place on 4th of July weekend you forfeit staying there.

I ordered some super cute dresses (I got to pick out the fabric) for Bree's 1 year photo shoot I was planning. When we decided to go south I asked if she could rush them to me so that I would have them for a possible beach photo! I got the dresses a few days before we left and I LOVED them!

So the 1st day we go there I brought the dresses "just in case" we had time. We spent all day at the beach with no naps...then we ate dinner at a restaurant that took WAY too long (2 hours with 2 small kids!) I then was going to give up and not get the photos- 2 sleep deprived exhausted kids and 1 hubby who had just lost his glasses in the ocean!

Well, I decided to do it...there was a chance we wouldn't be back and even if they all turned out bad at least I wouldn't regret not attempting! Well of course looking back there are poses I wish I did and I wish I got more, but when all is said and done I really only needed a few cute ones and I definitely got that!

You know if you ever want to take me on vacation with you just let me know :P I LOVE beach photos!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding at Detroit Yatch Club | Metro Detroit Wedding Photographers

I have been asked a few times why I don't focus on wedding photography or why I don't have wedding photos on my website. Well, I DO photograph weddings and I DO enjoy photographing weddings, I just don't really like to do them on my own. I really LOVE to 2nd shoot with primary wedding photographers. I work with a great wedding photographer out of Franklin, Michigan I learn alot I get lots of photos and I have fun without the total pressure! I have 2 small kids and I don't really want to work full time just yet! I am busy with my portrait work, Little Hipster and teaching courses at a community college. Weddings take a lot of time: meeting clients, going thru time schedules, engagement sessions, processing photos (LOTS AND LOTS of photos) and the delivery. I am not saying that I won't ever do wedding photography, but just that right now in my life it's not what I am focusing on...

That being said here are a few from the last wedding! Like what you see? Call Marc and ask to have me 2nd shoot :P

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Bring on the Flies | Plymouth, MI Family Photographer

My little Audrey....

I love how my daughter marches to her own drum...throwing away the girlie girl mold and busting out in her own style! Forget dolls, dress up and tea Audrey is out for insects, animals and things that make you go...eww!

On our way to North Carolina we stopped at this little spot between Ohio and West Virginia on the Ohio River. We stepped out and saw...MAYFLIES everywhere! I almost went back in the car, but Auds just went right into the swarm of things... Chasing them and catching them. I am sure if these were butterflies the photos would be impressive, but you know what? The fact that these were mayflies makes me laugh and proud that this girl is not squeamish. This almost topped her carrying her Rolly Polly pet over to our friend's house last week...your read that right...

Bring on the Bugs!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

North Carolina | Cousins

We made it back! I seriously have no idea how some moms keep up with their blogs, facebook, house work, kids, friends, family and groceries! I feel like I haven't had a moment of peace and I have so many sessions to finish up (which I haven't blogged about yet!) and a few new ones coming up this week!

Anyways my family just came back from an week long vacation in North Carolina! It was alot of fun! We all were together- Ryan's brother live doesn't there and we decided to visit them with Ryan's other brother, his wife and their baby :) It was really fun to all be together, let the cousins play, swim, play and just hang out. It was a serious adventure and I don't think I can put it all in one blog post!

I am seriously so lucky to have married into such a great family. I love my sister-in-laws and I couldn't have pick out any better ones! I also LOVE my nieces and nephews! I just wish I had more time (don't we all) to spend with them individually before they all grow up!

I love being around Madi. She was the little lady who made me fall in love with photography. I think I took a ZILLION photos of her when she was little. She was the cutest baby and the cutest toddler and now the cutest 8 year old I know! We got to see her in her play this week and she did so well reciting all of her lines perfectly :P She is also the perfect big cousin for all the little ones to admire!

Alex is such a sweetheart! He is the perfect little gentlemen and is probably the most well behaved 6 year old I have ever met. When we went to the show without Audrey he saved half of his candy for her. Not sure how many 6 year olds are that considerate of others!

Ella. Sweet little Ella. For some reason she called me "Nanny" the entire week, but for the sweetest laughs and giggles this girl gives she could have called me anything! Such a lover and a cuddly girl! She was happy just floating around in the pool with her water wings all day. She is also such a diva who digs accessorizing! These sunglasses where all the rage this week at the house!

Last but not least is Aidan! This little guy can always make you laugh! With his new words and his manly strut he is so fun just to watch :) He is going to be a tough guy having to put up being Audrey's favorite baby. We are so bless to have him live so close to us now and watch him and the girls grow up together.

We are so lucky to have such amazing people in our lives and our kids are lucky to have such amazing aunts, uncles and cousins.

I am just a little bummed I didn't get a beach photo of all the kids....I guess a reason to go back next year, right?!