Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Family

A few weeks ago we decided to have our family portraits taken. It was our 5 year anniversary so who BETTER to capture us than our wedding photographers?!

I was super geeked! I love their wok- it's modern, edgy and studio. It's totally not my style, but I LOVE that it is not the way I shoot. I don't have a studio, but I love the modern feel of their studio! If I were to ever do studio I would love to have set ups like them!

I was stressed out about our photos, we showed up about 2 minutes early to the WRONG studio! I was even more stressed when I realized their "newer" studio (as in 5 years ago newer) was 20 minutes away. I was stressed, the sun was setting and I just felt PANIC.

We get there and Jessica and Nate were awesome. Nate was so chill and relaxed and balanced my freaked out side. OF course my daughters didn't want to smile. They acted up. Audrey danced dances I have never seen her dance. I.WAS.TOTALLY.EMBARRASSED! SHe would not listen, she would not sit still, she was doing her own thing!

Moms- I KNOW what you are going thru when you come to me- I have been there and guess what? They did their job and captured our family and one of my favorite images is that of my daughters knocking each other other. Such is life. We are not perfect and our photos reflect our crazy family. How we are right now...crazy ;)

Actually the ones they blogged we look so's amazing ;)

Our Family Portraits

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