Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Plymouth, MI child photographer | Sleeping Beauty

It's not often I can capture a moment like this! With my 3 year old who no longer naps (stopped conveniently after her baby sister was born!) Daddy wass out at game night and I had the girls. It was not even 8pm and she fell asleep next to me on the couch! I snuck downstairs and grabbed my camera and capture my first sleeping beauty! I really wish I had newborn photos taken of her professionally when she was REALLY small and was asleep! We waited until she was 4 weeks and ven though I treasure those photos I wish so hard I had a sleeping baby pictures. Is it weird that when I look at the newborn photos I think "I wonder if that would pass as my baby A and get it on canvas and display it!?" Haha, I am kidding I won't do that, but I so wish I had photos similar to the ones my clients are given!

But a sleeping 3 year old? Still looks pretty precious to me!

child portraits and kid photographer in Plymouth, MI

child portraits and kid photographer in Plymouth, MI

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