Saturday, August 07, 2010

NILMDTS - Newborn photographer, Plymouth, MI

I have been wanting to write about a great organization that I was accepted into NILMDTS (Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep) This organization is a group of volunteer photograohers and graphic artists who dedicate their time and talent to photograph "remembrance photographs for parents suffering a loss of a baby." I signed up over a year ago and I got denied saying that I need more experience. I was really down on myself after that,but when I read that I could reapply in a year I was determined to get my newborn photos perfected and increase my experience with low light non flash situations.

Fast forward to 1 ear later- I reapplied - I was accepetd - I was terrified. I adnt really THOUGHT about what I was going to have to do, experience and photograph. I dragged my feet with the paper work and finally two months ago everything was in order and I was on the "call" list.

Well, last Sunday I had a newborn session in the morning. It was beautiful. Just a normal session for a friend's newborn. I was loving it, loving the love, loving the feeling and joy that surrounded this most happy time in this family's lives.

4 hours later I was called for a NILMDTS baby. The baby was to be taken off of life support that night. I was able to go and train with another photographer. I as scared, I cried on the phone and cried on the way to the hospital. How was I suppose to photograph this moment? How was I suppose to keep composed? I got there, got into the room and felt the sadness. The room felt thick with sadness. I was able to take a few photos and thankfully I was shadowing and didn't have to talk for I had no words.

Anyways I wanted to take a moment to make people aware of this organization. If you know someone that is suffering this loss or may suffer this loss please let them know about it. Memories, a photograph, a gift that reminds them that this child was here is priceless.

No photos. Good bye baby {E} may you be carried by angels <3


  1. Noel, what a fantastic thing you are doing for these families. It has to be terrifying for everyone involved and you are doing a great service to these families.

  2. It was really hard, but it made me come home and hug my babies extra tight.