Sunday, November 01, 2009

Mom*tog - Plymouth, MI Newborn & Infant Photography

I stumbled across a great Photographer in the California area. I loved her style and energy that shone thru in each of her photographs. I followed her blog and we super excited when she came out with a specialized blog for "Mom*togs" or mom photographers! This was such a great idea and she gives tips and trick to mommies with cameras! I teach photography at Henry Ford Community College and I love sharing my knowledge to interest others in my passion! Anyways it's a great blog and has tons of tips. One tip I learned from Drew was using fabric as a backdrop! No need to buy expensive backdrops when all you have to do is drop by JoAnnes! Thanks Drew! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Momtog!

Here is a photo using a backdrop that Drew suggested!

Check out her blog!

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