Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday's Tip- quality prints

I love my image on my screen on the computer and when I printed it out the colors were terrible. Why does it look different on my screen?

Ahhh. this was my favorite question, and I can answer it fairly simple by 1st asking where they got it printed.

It's about quality. You spend money on your camera and you spend time on taking and processing the photo. Right after the photo is ready to print you fail, you end up printing it at a cheap place and guess what? It shows! All that work and quality equipment is transferred to a cheap print and it looks like crap! Most professional photographers either have a photo printer at hand or they have their computer monitor calibrated to the lab's printer to ensure the most accurate color during printing. I recommend finding a great lab or online service and stick with them. There are quite a few labs that are excellent and I have not calibrated my monitor to such as www.mpix.com.

My tip for this Tuesday is: choose a quality printer.

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