Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going to Emma-J's

So my daughter is OBSESSED with her Aunt and Uncle. If you ever ask her what she wants to do on any given day at any given time she will without a doubt respond "Emma-Js" and not her head. today was not like any other day. I opened the front door to get some natural light into my house to try to test out my lens and A went running out the door. She was just in her diaper and tee shirt and started to walk down the sidewalk saying "bye- See ya!" and we would ask "Where do you think you are going?" She would turn and respond, as if we should have known, "Emma-Js" and proceeded to wave and continue on her merry way. It was the cutest thing and I could not stop laughing! Ry took a little video and I already had my camera out :) I have to show her off! I just love her- she's so photogenic even with just a dipe and a runny nose!

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